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Chavex is a community of Pro Audio, Video and Lighting enthusiasts who also happen to LOVE God. Our goal is to help connect Church Tech Leaders across the world to exchange gear, get professional help for future projects, and express their thoughts with like minded individuals.

Exchange Gear - One man's trash is another man's treasure. That trusty X32 your church grew out of could be used by another church that has yet to make the leap to digital. Just snap a picture, post a price and sell it! Arrange payments among each other or use Chavex as the middle man to make sure your gear arrives in the condition it was meant to!

Professional Help - Do you have a project coming up and want to make sure you get the best gear at the lowest price? Do you want avoid the back and forth with local integrators? Most importantly do you want a design that is custom fit for YOUR church? Visit the Chavex Project Planner page and let us know the details of your project and we will get you a FREE professional design, consultation and quote of the lowest prices available.

Church Forum - You hear about that new piece of equipment that came out? What board do churches like mine use? How do I use Dante? How do I justify upgrading to my superiors? How do I keep volunteers excited and trained?....Ask your peers who have been, are or will be in similar scenarios!